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Ever wonder what MPI, SAP and WEC stand for? Read on…

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is in the business of supporting professional event and meeting planners through education.  As part of this mission, MPI makes it a point to bring best in class practices to their membership in a timely and engaging manner.

When global company SAP executed their groundbreaking SapphireNOW event in 2010, MPI immediately recognized the impact on the meeting and event industry. SAP’s SapphireNOW was one of the first companies to effectively bring together interactive, broadcast, social, virtual and traditional onsite participation under the umbrella of their annual customer event. From an event planning perspective it was a complex and flawlessly executed set of initiatives that reaped incredible results for SAP.

The event approach was revolutionary and MPI was anxious to share the details with their members. However doing so in a traditional case study format was simply not reflective of the innovation that the SAP SapphireNOW event was all about.

Looking for a more creative solution to present the information, MPI partnered with Schaefer to develop the organization’s first interactive case study. The site integrates content, images, video and audio in a synthesized manner. Users have the option to experience SAP’s event planning and execution chronologically or discover what is most salient to their business by using the “Quick Hits” navigation and pop-ups in each section.

MPI launched the site at their annual WEC (World Education Congress) event in July to rave reviews! Great team at MPI, great project for Schaefer!