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Fall 2014 Account Service Internship

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Schaefer Advertising, this is Amanda?


Everyone, this is Amanda Peredo, Schaefer’s new operations coordinator. As “The O.C.,” Amanda will be the friendly voice that takes your calls, the smiling face that greets you in our lobby and the person we complain to when we’re out of snacks.

Recently, I sat down with Amanda to ask her the hard-hitting questions Channel Scott News is known for.

Scott: Hi, Amanda. How’s it going?

Amanda: It’s good! How are you?

S: Hey, I’m the interviewer here, okay?

A: Oh, uh…okay.

S: But I’m fine, thanks for asking. So – tell me everything about yourself in a blog-friendly number of words.

A: Oh gosh, born and raised on an island. Now I live in North Texas.

S: […] Okay, I’m going to need more words than that.

A: Um…I come from a big military family, so I travelled a lot growing up. I lived in Spain, then Guam, then Texas, back to Guam, then back to Texas. And now I’ve found my home in good ol’ Fort Worth. I’ve lived in the area for 20 years, but I’ve worked in Fort Worth for six years.

S: Where did you work before?

A: I worked for XTO Energy for five years. I started as an intern, and they hired me full-time after college.

S: How do you like Schaefer so far?

A: I love Schaefer. I love the people, the different work and meeting clients that come in.

S: I’m not Ken, you don’t have suck up to me.

A: Oh, I hate it here. Just kidding.

S: Cool, how about something important. What is your favorite animal?

A: My favorite animal? Um…I kinda like the honey badger. He’s got a great motto.

S: Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?

A: I do, plus mustard. That’s it.

S: And here I thought I was going to like you. What else can you tell me to make up for the fact that you’re a ketchup person?

A: Let’s see…I won the Steer Fort Worth photo contest. Mayor Price picked my photo and I won a new Canon DSLR camera.

S: Actually, I’m the photographer around here. You should probably keep that at home.

A: (sigh)

After that, the phone rang and I got the feeling that the interview was over. So we may never know the truth about where Amanda was when the Hindenburg blew up, but we can continue to speculate. I’m Scott for Channel Scott News, signing off.



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A Summer Sequel


She claims to single-handedly fund Yogurt Land. She wants to name her own OPI polish “Sweet Colada Sunshine.” And she would pay to be in Beyonce’s music video Love on Top. Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor DePuma has found her home at Schaefer.

 But she’s no stranger. Taylor started at Schaefer as an account services intern before finishing up her senior year at Texas A&M. Now, she’s back for good as a full-time account coordinator. As an intern, she blogged about the Schaefer teams “hilarious” behaviors, so, for her feature blog post, we are going to share with you the funniest things we’ve learned about Taylor so far:

  1. Taylor wants to start a book club in which she is the only member.
  2. Taylor’s brother once introduced Taylor to his girlfriend by saying, “We just laugh along with her because she thinks she’s funnier than she is.”
  3. At her intern luncheon, Taylor didn’t know who Lee Harvey Oswald was. Because of this, she is now a self-taught Lee Harvey Oswald expert.
  4. Lauren Conrad is Taylor’s best friend. Lauren just doesn’t know it.
  5. If Taylor were to die in a scary movie, it would be Stay Alive starring Sophia Bush, but she doesn’t remember how Sophia actually dies, she just remembers liking the plot of the movie.

So, it’s official! We are now welcoming Taylor to the Schaefer team of hilarious employees. We can’t wait to see what she does here. (The comedic relief that she has already provided us is already much appreciated.)



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Schaefer Advertising Co. Receives District-level ADDY Awards

Schaefer Advertising Co. is pleased to announce that the agency has earned four American Advertising Federation (AAF) District Ten ADDY Awards. District Ten represents ad clubs from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The award-winning work was nominated for regional consideration, following their success during the AAF-Fort Worth ADDY Awards in February, winning a total of 26 awards. With over 500 entries, the awards won by Schaefer included nine Gold, 10 Silver, five Bronze, one Special Judges, and Best of Show overall. The District Ten award-winning campaigns originally won Gold awards at the AAF-Fort Worth ADDY Awards, including Best of Show, Non-traditional, Out-of-Home, Collateral Material, and Advertising for the Arts & Sciences. 


“We are honored have our work recognized on a regional and district level, and continuing on to the National ADDY Awards. But to be honest, what we are most proud of is that we were awarded Gold ADDY’s for six different clients. It wasn’t just one campaign that won in a lot of categories. It was a diverse portfolio of work for a wide range of clients. And given the measurable results the campaigns delivered, it affirms the work was winning blend of strategy and creativity,” Ken Schaefer, president, said. 

Schaefer’s Gold and Silver District Ten winners were also entered as finalist at the AAF National ADDY Awards competition. The winning campaigns include:  


Gold ADDY – Cassco Development Company, Word Crop Signs


Silver ADDY – Cassco Development Company, Word Crop Signs


Silver ADDY – JPS Health Network, Respiratory Etiquette Campaign


Silver ADDY – Fort Worth Zoo, Zoo Ball Invitation

“It’s great to be recognized at this level for one of our non-traditional projects. It takes a creative idea and bold client to be able to do something as unique as “word crops.” It’s a testament to our collaborative relationship with our clients,” Todd Lancaster, Vice President – Creative Director, said.

About The American Advertising Federation

The American Advertising Federation protects and promotes the well-being of advertising. The AAF has 15 district operations, each located in and representing a different region of the nation. The AAF’s membership is comprised of a national network of nearly 200 local federations, representing 40,000 advertising professionals, located in ad communities across the country; and more than 200 AAF college chapters, with over 6,500 student members. For more information regarding AAF, check out their website http://www.aaf.org/.



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2014 TCU Baseball: The Spotlight visit site

Our friends over at TCU Baseball finished the regular season strong with a 38-15 record (17-7 in the Big 12). The Frogs will be the No. 2 seed going into the Big 12 Tournament. Good luck in the tournament and congrats on a great season!



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This Isn’t Goodbye

Do you ever wonder why interns at Schaefer Advertising rarely do more than intro and exit blogs? It’s because we do stuff.

 Strange concept, right? Keeping the interns busy? You won’t hear any of us complaining! Far too often, we hear stories of fellow students who slave over coffee and filing cabinets for companies that don’t value the qualified, eager and willing interns begging for experience.

 At Schaefer, however, interns are given the opportunity to thrive! Co-workers seek out our assistance on various projects; managers trust us with time-sensitive tasks and believe in our ability to produce professional work. Better yet, they are interested in creating experiences that further develop our skill set.

 Don’t have a background in channel planning?

Great! Join this account and walk through the strategy, research and purchase of media across the state of Texas.

 Want to practice your writing skills?

Here, take a press release. Or two. Or three. Sneak in a blog while you’re at it.

 Still curious as to where creatives find their genius?

Participate in the next brainstorm and marvel in their creativity and good humor. That meeting will most likely be the highlight of your day.

With so many opportunities coming across our desks, it’s no surprise that blog posts are continually set aside. But I will clarify – it’s not all work in the Schaefer office. We take time to celebrate birthdays, toast accomplishments and enjoy the community six feet from our desk.

It’s hard to believe my time at Schaefer Advertising has come to a close, but I can rest assured—it was spent well.

- Katy Lyons



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Here Comes Goodbye

It’s hard to believe that my time at Schaefer Advertising has come to an end. Partially because with the conclusion of my time here means I’m that much closer to college graduation, but mostly because when I think back to my first day of a 12 week internship I thought 12 weeks was forever and a day away.  That being said, I would not trade my time at Schaefer for anything in the world.

Schaefer is a place where the phrase “play hard, work hard” is in their nature. They house some of the most brilliantly minded and fun-loving humans I’ve ever met while producing A+ work for their clients. Whether it’s a Todd Point challenge, client meeting, agency-wide brainstorm in the kitchen, or the Schaefer Olympics—no day is shy of unique.

While at Schaefer I have had the privilege of working on some awesome accounts. The most memorable account I worked on was TCU Baseball. It was my first day and the first thing my supervisor, Nick, said to me was, “Hey we’re leaving in 45 minutes to go to a client meeting, and you’re coming.” The only thing I could think was, thank goodness I wore a blazer today. Fast forward a few days and Anna and I were helping at the shoot and received the great privilege of being extras in the video! The shoot was a great experience for me because I saw a side of advertising that I didn’t normally see.

Some quick advice to future interns:

  • If they make fun of you, it really means they like you.
  • Never take yourself too seriously while interacting with other Schaefer employees.
  • Use your time here to brush up on skills you can’t in the classroom.
  • Ask questions.
  • Everyone at Schaefer is here to help you and wants to!
  • Win as many Todd points as you can!

Schaefer was the best place for me to work during my final semester of college. It is this magical place that welcomes individuals into their home and helps them grow in whichever way they need. I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for my time spent at Schaefer.

I think Winnie the Pooh said it best when he said, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” My weeks at Schaefer Advertising are moments I will not soon forget. Some last advice to any and everyone out there: Work at Schaefer! You won’t regret it!

One more thing before I sign off. Some inspiration from the great Walt Disney himself, “you’re never to old to be young.”

For the last time, signing off,

I’m Jaime Sporl, stay classy Fort Worth. 



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33 Days Later

As I come to an end as an intern at Schaefer Advertising Co., I feel so blessed and appreciative for being chosen for this internship position. Interning at Schaefer has been a great experience, and I have really felt a part of the hardworking team. I was given respect and kindness from all. Overall, Schaefer Advertising Co. helped me grow as a student and helped me solidify my future career goals. Even though I cannot say that I have planned out my life, I have walked away from this internship with several tools in my strategic thinking tool bag, and many life lessons that will follow me forever. Here are a few items that stuck with me after my four-month experience:

I am a perfectionist. I like to do things independently and show people that I can handle their projects without needing help, but learn from my mistakes. There was a project that took me awhile to accomplish, because I refused to ask for help. News flash: In the advertising industry, it is not an option to miss a deadline or get something right the first time. I learned that if I would have just asked more questions about the project, I would be more effective with both my supervisor’s time and mine. So, ask tons of questions! The best way to learn things is to have an experienced person walk you through hands-on.

I carry a notebook with me at all times. If someone in a meeting mentioned an ad campaign, successful tactic, or research tool, I wrote it down. Chances are if something was mentioned, it was important and will probably come up again.

Staying updated on industry trade publications, new award-winning campaigns, and company leadership shifts are inspirational, educational and a great way to impress your staff. Make sure to always keep yourself ahead of your industry and stay on top of what is going on. You will feel more confident when current events are referenced and you do not have to research them to chime in.

Learning should be an intern’s main goal. Unfortunately or not, making mistakes is the best and quickest way to figure out how to do things the correct way. My biggest piece of advice is to never get down if you make a mistake, but make sure to never do it again. Be sure to be coachable and pay attention to details when doing a similar project.

Always take the extra step. Contribute more than the minimum and get things done efficiently. At first, it may take longer to complete a task, but do not get discouraged - just put in the time and get it done correctly. Advertising is a fast-paced industry and you need to be able to keep up with assignments and workflow. In the end, the only thing that matters is if you met your deadline.

Overall, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better place to intern. I have really been able to see how an agency works together to complement each department from sales to marketing to production, which was the ultimate goal of being an intern. Each day has been an adventure whether it is helping with social media or helping with filming the TCU Baseball’s entrance reel.

My experience as an intern has been unbelievable, and I would highly recommend Schaefer to anyone who is looking for an internship. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work for such an amazing company and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Ken Schaefer, Bailey Lang, and the rest of the staff at Schaefer Advertising Co. for the opportunity and for showing me such kindness. This experience will stick with me forever, and one that has definitely helped to prepare me for life after college.

-Anna Waxman



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Summer 2014 Creative Internship


Be vewy quiet. We’re hunting creative interns.

If you want to be one of ours, click here to take the bait.



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A Proper Introduction

With inspiration from Katy’s blog post title, I feel as though I must cue the Eminem lyrics, “Hello, my name is, my name is, my name is” Jaime Sporl.

I am one of three spring account service interns. Originally from sunny San Diego, California, I moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 2010 to pursue a degree in strategic communication and political science at Texas Christian University.

I am the oldest of three children. My sister, Morgan, is a sophomore at TCU, and my brother, Shawn, is a sophomore in high school in San Diego.

During my childhood, I was a definite tomboy, so I now have a deep appreciation for almost every sport. I also like being active, enjoying the outdoors and curling up to read a good book. Having traveled to over 15 different countries, I have a passion for discovering new corners of this world. So, whether it’s hopping on a plane to London, going to a Broadway show or even just spending an afternoon in the Fort Worth Stockyards, I love experiencing new things that get me out of my comfort zone.

Rather than give you a long, anxiety-filled speech about my post-graduation fears like every other college senior, I am going to provide some random, fun facts about myself. 

Fun facts:

  • I have a large obsession and will spend countless hours watching the Olympic sport, Curling.
  • I have studied abroad twice (once in London, England and once in Washington, D.C.).
  • I single-handedly delayed the entire metro red line for 30 minutes in Washington, D.C. by falling asleep on the train.
  • I have a mean British accent.
  • I have been inside of Buckingham Palace.
  • I have a selfie with Bob Schieffer. 

  • I walked and completed the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the cure walk. 
  • I have never read the entire iTunes User Agreement, but I have been to page 46 of the iOS 7 Terms and Conditions. (See the image below; I promise it’s worth it!) 

  • I have a huge fear of port-a-potties and storm drains. (I’ve been to New York 5 times and never stepped on a drain or grate. I once wet my pants instead of going in a port-a-potty.)
  • I was in Spain when its men’s soccer team won the World Cup in 2010.
  • I have a fascination with John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
  • I have ridden an elephant.
  • I have perfected various break-dance moves.
  • All the clocks in my house are in military time.
  • I do not like sweets.
  • I have a weird infatuation with my pet fish, Phil.
  • I love kids!

Before I sign off, I should mention that inspirational and motivational quotes are my thing! So, I am going to leave you with one of my favorites by Martin Luther King Jr. today. “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Until next time!

—Jaime Sporl


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